A masterlist for writing challenges, theme sets, and prompts that I’ve gathered, just in case you wanted to try something new.

First, how do you use prompts and theme sets? It’s simple. You get inspiration from them. Some people use the prompt as a literal word in their fanfic, while others just get inspired and use it as a theme. It’s all up to you, really.

You can honestly get inspiration from anywhere but just in case you wanted specific lists/tables/theme sets or something, here you go. None of these prompts are mine.

Note: You are not required to follow all the instructions given on the post. If you decide to join the community (although some of them are dead), then you should, but if it’s for your own personal use then it’s all up to you. So if you’re having some trouble, remember that they’re for inspiration, not restraintThough I hope that would be obvious.





— Kink Memes. Yes, you read that right. Kink Memes. They’re generally for those aged 18 and above, and they’re mainly for smut and very very nsfw fanfiction (aka kinks), but there are a lot of good gems in there. Basically, someone asks someone else (anybody) to write something for them. They specify characters, plot, kinks, and etc. It’s your job to write for what prompts you like. I got a lot of practice writing on kink memes, to be quite honest, and none of them were actually graphic smut. If you belong in a large fandom (Sherlock, Supernatural, The Avengers, Hetalia) chances are that you’ll find an active one. Google “[name of show/book/whatever] kinkmeme”. They’re usually on either livejournal or dreamwidth. Best of all, these are mostly done anonymously (no need for an account even), so no worries about people discovering that you wrote a certain piece. If you choose to post it un-anonymously, that’s your choice.
downsides: not all fandoms have active (and good) kinkmemes.
examples: sherlockbbc-fic, avengerkink 

— Yuletide/Secret Santa/Fandom exchanges. You don’t get to choose who you’re paired up with (the mods do that), but what happens is that you fill up a form about what you’re willing to do and what you want to receive, and then you’re paired up with someone else. You then give them a gift, in the form of a fanwork (fanfic, fanart, whatever), based on what they asked for. The secret santas aren’t revealed until the end of the event. Again, these are more common on livejournal and dreamwidth, but I’ve seen some on Tumblr too.
downsides: you might find it impossible to make what your partner wants, or you won’t like your gift at all. also, they are usually seasonal, therefore they’ll only be open depending on the time of year.
examples: holmestice

Shuffle. Probably the simplest one of them all. Put your ipod/mp3 player on shuffle then write whatever comes to mind as the song plays. In some versions you’re only allowed to write for as long as the song plays (so no editing and long thoughts), but if it’s too short for you then you can just pause it and finish your piece before hitting the next song.
downsides: no skipping songs! if you really can’t think of anything at all when the song ends, then of course that’s fine. but this is meant to challenge you.


If you have a question or just another suggestion that you want me to put, then feel free to ask. Happy writing!

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